Collaborative Robotic Solution for Palletization

Flexipall is a collaborative robotic solution studied and designed to be used in the industrial sector, in various sectors (food, automotive, mechanics, pharmaceutical, electronics … etc)

The palletizing solution uses a cobot from Universal Robot, the UR10, thanks to which it is possible to have high flexibility and it is easy for use from the point of view of the operator.

FLEXIBLE Robotic Solution ideal for:

  • light weights – about 10/11 kilos
  • can move packages of variable weight and shape
  • low retooling times, therefore optimal in contexts where there is a need to switch from one production line to another
  • the collaborative nature allows the enslavement of existing lines without additional protection barriers
  • does not require writing code, reprogramming is guided through a graphical interface or with direct questions for the operator
  • optimizes production space, it can be moved with a pallet truck, removing the footprint if necessary

COLLABORATIVE robotic solution:

  • it is the robot that “interrogates” the operator 
  • there is no need to modify the software
  • following the appropriate procedure, the operator guides the device with his hand to the initial pick-up point and final positioning on the pallet
  • the machine stores the data and then works independently
  • equipped with collaborative gripping systems


  • range of action of 1,300 mm,,
  • mounted on a telescopic column, it can work on pallets up to 1.80 meters in height (possibly up to 2.20 meters in height after technical validation)
  • Work area on 2 Europallets (1200x800mm)
  • Max handling weight: 10/11 kg 
  • Power supply 220V – 50hz
  • Compressed air 6 bar
  • Pallet presence sensor
  • Presence box sensor to be removed (it is not necessary to interface or modify the systems to be serviced)
  • Productivity up to 5 poses / minute
  • Minimum box dimensions: 150x150x150 mm
  • Available as an option with remote control / diagnostics and interfacing with corporate MES (FlexiPall with these options can benefit from the 40% tax credit provided by the budget law 2020 for industry 4.0)

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    Solution with a high degree of customization

    The internal management of the design and production process allows the total customization of the product based on the customer’s needs: from the technical characteristics to the accessories and software.

    For customers who want it, Flexipall can also be supplied in corporate colors.

    LASER SCANNER for security while having a greater productivity thanks to the supervision of the working area.

    INTERFALDE MANAGEMENT automatic and integrated

    • Interflade in Cardboard and / or plastic can be moved by a special device installed on the product gripping head.
    • The software allows you to choose how many interflades you must use for each type of product and / or pallet.


    • Interface with simple and intuitive graphics
    • Ability to create multiple models / patterns
    • Fast in moving from one model to another
    • Remote programmable and can be uploaded trought USB port
    • Designed to simplyfie complex palletizing schemes
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Developed specifically for Universal Robot
    • Can be used with any type of suction cup
    • Flexible

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