We Will Handle it!
We place ourselves on the market as a supplier of solutions, and we do it by making the best use of the latest technologies in robotics and industrial automation: from high-speed manipulation to artificial vision; from assembly technologies to human-machine collaboration.

Care, speed, originality and determination: this is what we use to take care of your automation needs.

We will handle it!


Providing innovative and technological solutions to optimize industrial processes; ensuring the improvement of the quality of life for our customers and collaborators with attention to
sustainability and the environment..


To be the excellence in industrial automation with a distinctive social impact.


Assembly and Collaborative Robots

Cells and systems for assembling and powering dedicated components; collaborative and
cooperative solutions.


We create complete and customized solutions for palletizing and packaging, guaranteeing flexibility and improving productivity.

Machine tool tending

We provide innovative machine tool tending applications by combining handling with various
accessory operations, optimizing times and costs.

High velocity handling - Pick & Place

We design and create components and parts handling solutions, even when productivity
requirements are particularly limited.

Automation of tests and quality control

We create automated testing and quality control solutions for electronic components, parts for the automotive and components in general.

Special installations

We support you to create the unique solution dedicated to you. We invent, build and operate
customized systems with extremely low return on investment.


Positive attitude

We are solving the problems and tasks as seen as opportunities and then we find the appropriate solution. We think big with the goal in front of us and always concentrating on the future.


We collaborate, communicate and act with team spirit and determination. We deeply believe in a healthy balance between family and work.


We emphasize the satisfaction of our client, we foresee his needs and provide the most appropriate solutions as fast as possible.


We believe that technology must be simple for use and must be functional. We take care of each minimal detail.


We think outside the box: we apply our technologies in a transversal way. We always search for new paths for solving problems.


Honesty, ethics and integrity are the features that we firmly believe in. We respect the surrounding nature that we live in.