Leader in collaborative industrial robotics

Effedi Automation is System Integrator of Universal Robots and collaborates with the authorise distributor Meko Ltd. Meko Srl.

The cobots of Universal Robots allow us to automize the industrial processes that were before considered too complex and expensive, thanks to the excellent relation between quality and price and because of the ease of use.

Universal Robots is at the avant-guard of a new class of robots called “ collaborative robots” or cobot, because of the capacity to work side by side with the person without any protective cage (after the risk have been evaluated). Such typologies of robots are ready to fill gaps in manual assembly to completely automatized productions lines.

The UR cobots are light, flexible and are easily transferable and reprogrammed for coping with new tasks, to satisfy the company necessities of short term development, can regulate themselves for a more advanced task on minimum necessities.