Robots meet Humans

Effedi Automation is the official system integrator of the system Smart Robost in collaboration with the authorized distributor



The Smart Robots device provides perception and intelligence to the robots, enabling collaboration and human-robot interaction. Smart Robots transforms collaborative robots into work colleagues who assist the operator, increasing the efficiency of manual operations.

The device integrates a 3D sensor that allows the recognition of objects, movements and gestures of people and communicates in real time with the robot. Artificial intelligence algorithms allow you to control the robot so that it can adapt to the operator's actions and respond to intuitive commands.


Obstacle overcoming

The machine understands the position of the human operator and creates an alternative route for avoiding the collision with him and to maximise the efficiency of the robot.

Gestures Command

The robot is controlled through gestures, for stopping the robot and call specific activities, without the use of physical contact or any software.

Autonomous Replanification of Operations

The operations of the robot are planed in real-time, for optimizing the efficiency of the process and to adapt thE working habit of the operator. The choice may depend on the position, action of the operator or on the spare parts at hand.

Change of program on line

The operator can change the programme of the robot in a few seconds, by moving the robot in other specific areas.

Installation and Configuration:

Smart Robots is compatible with most collaborative robots. APIs and template programs are
available on the robot controller.

A graphical interface can be displayed on a monitor connected to the system to provide feedback to the user regarding the commands received, the status and operations of the robot.