Flexipall Collaborative Palletizing Robotic Cell

Flexipall - Scenario

Flexipall is a collaborative robotic palletizing solution designed and engineered by Effedi Automation.

It features an UR10 cobot by Universal Robots that allows it to work next to people in most applications* without fencing.

You may taylor flexipall on your specific application thanks to various accessories like lifting column, area scanner and sheet placement. Fast, easy and intuitive to program thanks to Pally software by Rocketfarm.

Versatility, small footprint, fast setup and payback time make flexipall the ideal solution to enhance safety and productivity in your production line.

*collaborativity degree depends on the specific application risk analysis.

Our Solutions

Handling vials in pharmaceutical industry

Flexifeed for handling bottles and caps in cosmetical industry

Collaborative palletizing cell in cosmetical industry

Palletizing solution in coffee industry

Machine tending for CNC in mechanical industry

Palletizing tubes in cosmetical industry

Door sill tape application in automotive industry

Collaborative palletizing cell in food&beverage industry

Collaborative palletizing cell

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    Flexipall Advantages


    works alongside employees without fencing in most applications


    it’s easy to deploy and fast to reconfigure.
    Can be easily moved with a fork lift in order to serve multiple lines


    efficient occupation of factory floor space thanks to small footprint

    Easy to operate

    intuitive operation and a graphical interface make it usable without previous programming experience


    reduced deployment and pay back times


    we may customize flexipall specifically for your needs and requirements

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